Advanced Analytics that Proactively identify social determinants of health


Base Camp Health's Social Vulnerability Risk Solution is a HIPAA compliant, non-invasive, secure cloud platform that blends custom machine learning and unique data curation to produce patient level insights


  • Ingestion of standardized ICD-10-CM and SNOMED codes from EHR/EMR and administrative claims data
  • Maintain the processing, cleaning, and blending of over 30 sources of social determinants of health data together 
  • Natural language processing of valuable, free-form clinical and case management notes
  • Heightened geospatial analytics that identify hotspots of social needs and recommend resources by proximity
  • Machine learning and reliability analytics to create custom, actionable outputs to meet organizational priorities


Explore Our Software Solutions

Digital Patient Assessment

  • Blends client-specific and industry-standard risk assessments
  • Captures real-time patient social barriers and needs
  • Custom integration and delivery modalities

Patient-Centric Social Risk Portal

  • View patient-level insights that incorporates disparate data sources
  • Highlights social prescription for holistic interventions
  • Longitudinally tracks patients' social risk

Dynamic Reporting Platform

  • Dynamic visualization and measurement of social and clinical outcomes
  • Easy identification of statistically relevant population trends
  • Custom modules and drill-down capabilities

Community Resource Database

  • Recommends best available resource matched to patient-specific criteria
  • Connects to a pre-populated database of local community resources
  • Provides search, filter, sort, and mapping functionalities

Informing social and clinical interventions that
impact quality and patient outcomes

FQHC implementation of industry-standard digital patient assessment and social risk identification to reduce inappropriate ED utilization for uninsured patients

Incorporating social insights into high-risk identification models for members with behavioral health needs and leveraging resource database to identify community-based services

Providing raw, custom patient-level social vulnerability insights for integrations into vendor population and community health algorithms

Initiating or replacing current readmission algorithms with analytic outputs allowing care coordination manager to triage patients using social risk portal