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Can County-Level Risk of COVID19 be Predicted?

By Leigh McCormack, CEO

Base Camp Blog, March 29, 2020

Spoiler: the answer is maybe. We at Base Camp Health have been diligently compiling county-level data to help understand what drives COVID19 case rates across the United States. We supply this information in an effort to learn. We ultimately hope our predictions are wrong. 


SDoH Under the Microscope: Coronavirus + Homelessness

By Leigh McCormack, CEO

Base Camp Blog, March 9, 2020

As we tune in to hear the latest on the coronavirus, we are reminded of how vital our health and the health of our communities is to our livelihood, social structures, and economy. However, there is a neglected group of individuals that cannot keep the same pulse on the situation, nor can they logistically do their part in helping alleviate the contraction or spread of the virus.



Driving the Data to Address Social Vulnerabilities in Healthcare

By Brittany Ennen, VP Business Development

Base Camp Blog, March 4, 2020

Improving quality and efficiency is a priority for healthcare, and many clinicians are already conducting social assessments of their patients and claim to know the social barriers they are facing. What if we go beyond the assessment process, using machine learning analytics, geospatial data, and natural language processing to curate this information into a form where it can be using proactively to prescribe social interventions?


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