Impact Quality of Care
& Patient Outcomes

From first meeting to implementation to ongoing support, your success is our priority. We understand that meaningful impact comes from trust and adoption which brings about the greatest value back to our clients.
Manage & Make Sense of
Valuable Data

We keep patient care at the center of our mission. Our solutions are developed to best serve the clinical teams so they can do what they do best... care for the most vulnerable population.
Establish Standards
& Best Practices

Our roots are deep in healthcare and we share a passion for enacting positive change across the care continuum. We believe in sharing best practices and pride ourselves on continuous improvement.




Leigh McCormack
Chief Executive Officer
David Paschall
Chief Financial Officer
Rebekah Sharpe
Chief Operating Officer
Brittany Ennen
VP, Business Development
Andrew Bland, MD
Chief Health Informatics Officer
Doyle Turner
Chief Technology Officer
John Riley
Chief Revenue Officer